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 Heated Tubing Expanders

Lakeview Equipment, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years, manufacturing and supplying heated tube expanders for non-metal tubing such as vinyl and teflon. We design and supply tube expanding equipment based on client specifications.

Benefits of Using Our Heated Tube Expander Machine

  • Increase in production

  • Precise tube expansion

  • Ease of operation

  • Ease of maintenance resulting to longer machine life

  • Low operating cost

685H Heated Tube Expanders

Jaws Heat Up to 350 Degrees for Vinyl Tubing

Model 685H Tube Expander is used for difficult-to-expand tubing, such as vinyl. Heated jaws soften the tubing enough to facilitate ease of expansion without splitting the tube.

1200A Heated Mandrel Tube Expanders

Mandrel Heats to 350 Degrees for Vinyl Tubing

Model 1200A uses a heated mandrel to soften and expand tubing, such as vinyl and teflon. Mandrels are custom-made to customers' requirements. Expanded tubing ends take the shape of the mandrel. Two mandrels are included in each assembly.

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