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 Tube Expanders

Lakeview Equipment has been selling tube expanders for 40 years. We are by far the number #1 provider of tube expanders to the medical products industry. On a regular basis, medical product manufacturers consult Lakeview's engineering experts with their specific challenges to expand their tubing over fittings. Lakeview's complete line of clean room compatible expanders solves that problem.

How Our Tube Expanders Improve Clean Rooms

Tube expanders allow hassle-free fitting installation. This type of clean room device helps operators avoid fatigue and prevent injuries associated with expanding flexible tubing and the insertion of fittings into tubing. Lakeview's tube expanders are designed to be durable, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. They are validated for clean room environments. Expanding operations are easier with Lakeview.

Types Of Tube Expanders Available

Lakeview Equipment supplies both plastic tube expanders and vinyl tube expanders. Uniquely, we also provide custom expanding devices that expand tubing material, and we can have equipment made to your exact specifications as needed.

Careful engineering and manufacturing goes into each product that we supply. Our devices will expand latex, silicone, vinyl and most plastic and rubber tubing of various thicknesses so that fittings can be inserted properly, however our products will not split or overstretch tubing material. Read about our individual products below or contact us online. You can also call us at 847-674-2300 if you have questions about our tube expanders.

1600-1 Tube Expanders/Stripper

Expands Latex, Silicone and Rubber Tubing

Model 1600-1 Tube Expander especially suited to silicone and latex, or tubing with a durometer under 50. Adjustable jaw expansion. Unit is supplied with a non-marring base, foot pedal with regulator and gauge and hand switch.

875AC Tube Expanders

Helps Save Employees Fingers

Model 875AC Tube Expander is our most popular expander. It is used on hundreds of installations around the world providing dependable, long-cycle operation and maximum efficiency. It's patented cam/jaw design eliminates over-stretched or split tubing.

875BC Tube Expanders

Insert Fitting While Tube Is On Expander

Model 875BC Tube Expander uses 90 degree jaws to allow the insertion of a fitting while the tube is expanded. It has the same patented cam/jaw design as our Model 875AC. Teflon-coated jaws allow the tube and fitting to easily slide off the unit as an assembly.

595AC Tube Expander

Interchangeable Straight or 90 degree Jaws

Model 595AC is another popular tubing expander tool. When you want a tubing spreader or stretcher that features infinite, easily changed jaw expansion, this is the one for you.

995HD Heavy Duty Tube Expanders

Extra Power For Tough Applications

Model 995HD Tube Expander is a rugged, heavy duty expander especially suited to large-diameter tubing or tubing with heavy wall thickness or tough durometer rating. It's simplified construction provides for long life and minimum maintenance.

995HD-2 Tube Expander

Double Jaws

Same as our 995HD Tube Expander, with optional double jaws for different tube expansion jobs.

The Lakeview Difference: Consistency. Reliability. And Customization.

We are the only company with four decades of experience and the ability to customize solutions at the level that we do. As a result, we have earned the trust of companies ranging from Fortune 500 brands to medical start-ups.

How to Order

1. You call us at 847-674-2300 and we discuss your needs/your challenges
2. You send a sample of your tubing and fittings to us
3. Using your tubing/fittings we then put together a short video showing you how our tube expanding machine will improve your process
4. We send the video to you and review it with you
5. Then, in good conscience we have proven the machine works and that it will work upon delivery for you
6. You place your order

What are the features of Lakeview's Tube Expanders?

Below are the top features of our tube expanders:

What types of Tube Expander are available?

Lakeview has a diverse lineup of custom tube expanders. All expanders can solve your problem and can be used on a range of tubing types and materials. We also provide custom tubing expanders to meet exact specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do tube expanding machines do?
A: Our tube expanding machines can stretch and expand soft and hard plastics as well as rubber tubing material. They help you by actually expanding non-metal tubing so that Tube "A" can fit over fitting "B". The inside of the tube is actually stretched so that it approximates twice its original diameter. The size of the tube itself actually increases so that a fitting can be inserted properly.

Q: Are Lakeview tube expanders adjustable?
A: Yes. Our expanders are adjustable. Jaw expansion is adjustable on many available models. If there is a need that requires custom manufacturing, we can provide a solution for you as well.

Q: What thicknesses of tubing are your tube expander models able to work on?
A: Our tubing expander tool is robust and it is specifically engineered to expand both thinner and thicker tubing. Our tube expanders can process many types of medical and flexible tubing which include latex, nylon, vinyl, silicone, tygon, rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, flexible polyurethane, hosing and more.

Q: Can tubing 'split' during operation?
A: Our tube expanding equipment has been engineered to not split or overstretch tubing, when used properly.

Q: Which tube expander do you recommend for expanding a tube with heavy wall thickness?

A: We custom make heated tube expanders when the circumstances require it. Getting the tube over 265 degrees Fahrenheit softens the tubing and allows the tube to be expanded easily. For most customers, we recommend our 995HD Tube Expanders. This type of expander is heavy duty and can expand large diameter tubing or tubing with heavy wall thickness or tough durometer ratings without application of heat.

Q: Which of your tube expanders are ideal for vinyl tubing?

A: When you call, we will help you determine the exact tubing expander machine that will satisfy your needs and if required, we will engineer and build one for you.

Q: How do you calculate tube expansion percentage?

A: Tube expansion percentage is calculated as the amount of diameter expansion applied by the machine divided by the original diameter of the tube, much like any growth formula or percentage change formula.

Q: Who are your customers typically?
A: We serve companies of all sizes in the medical products industry whose operations require medical tube expansion, namely the biomedical marketplace. Our products are used across the United States and Internationally in sterile environments like Clean Rooms.

Q: What inefficient manufacturing process does Lakeview Tube Expanders replace?
A:  At this moment if you are in the medical industry or a manufacturer that has been trying to expand plastic medical tubing manually but struggling to find an efficient way to get tubing over a fitting, then Lakeview's tube expander machines help you automate this process & improve productivity.

Q: How quickly can I order a Tube Expander?
A: We process orders very efficiently and on a timeline that works for our Customer base. Most items are in stock and ready to ship. Custom orders can normally be made in between 2-4 weeks. You will always be provided a clear shipping timeline upfront on all orders.

Q: How can I implement your tube expanders into our facility?
A: Our skilled engineers have provided numerous solutions to the custom requests of an ever-changing marketplace. We encourage you to take advantage of our free evaluation process. Please send us your tubing and fitting combinations and allow our experienced staff to solve your assembly needs. We will provide our professional recommendations in the shortest of turnaround times.

Q: What type of liquids can be processed through your tube expanders?
A: Most commonly, our tube expanders are used for expanding tubings used to pass liquids like saline, blood or urine through them.

Q: Are your tube expanders validated for cleanrooms?
A: Yes! Validation has several phases, which starts with design qualification, and ends with final certification. All of our tube expanders have undergone extensive testing and passed all required certifications for cleanroom validation.

Q: What type of tubing can I expand with your tube expanders?
A: Our tube expanders are especially suited to expand rubber, vinyl, polyurethane and silicone or latex tubing.

Q: How can your tube expanders make my employees more efficient?

A: Our tube expanders provide a system which eases the stress on the muscles and fingers of the operator, thus increasing productivity. Lakeview works closely with our clients to develop a safe and efficient custom solution helping them decrease the incidence of Workman's Compensation claims.

Q: How does your tube expander machine work?
A: While different models of our expanders work slightly different, most work by placing the tube on jaws and then step on the foot pedal. The jaws will then separate and spread the tubing. Release the foot pedal for the jaws to close. Remove the tube from the jaws and immediately insert the fitting into the tube.

Q: We are not sure what type of tube expander we need; can you help?
A: Our skilled engineers can help you efficiently solve the challenges pertaining to tube expanding, tube cutting, the insertion of fittings and specializing in the demands of a cleanroom environment. We encourage you to take advantage of our free evaluation process and allow our experienced staff to solve your assembly needs, and will provide you with a professional recommendation. Call us at 847-674-2300 to discuss your needs.

Q: Do you provide tube expanders for other industries?
A: While our clients are primarily from the medical sector, over the years we have branched out into other industries besides medical devices. Please inquire with your specific needs, and we will see how we can help you. Call us at 847-674-2300.

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