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E-Z Bonder Solvent Dispenser

E-Z Tube Bonder Solvent DispenserMakes Medical Tube/Fitting Bonding E-Z

  • E-Z to quickly coat medical tubing or fitting O.D. prior to assembly.
  • E-Z to reduce undesirable solvent fumes from production area.
  • E-Z to increase production - no dipping or blotting.
  • E-Z to reduce solvent usage.
  • E-Z flow of bonding material, either by gravity feed or by capillary feed, depending on mounting position.
  • E-Z to refill; solvent level is easy to read. Bottle capacity is 4 oz. (125 ml).
  • E-Z to make to your tubing or fitting O.D. requirements.
  • E-Z to change dispensing wick for cleaning or replacement.
  • Two-position mounting base for production comfort. Suction cups provide firm mounting.
  • For thin tubing where solvent pocketing in wick may be a problem, order EZOB.

How it Works

  1. Insert the tubing or fitting into the dispensing wick orifice. NOTE: This orifice has been customized to fit your application.

  2. Apply solvent to part with a twisting and pushing motion.

  3. Remove the tube or fitting from the wick and immediately assemble the parts.

  4. Allow sufficient time for bonding action to take place before attempting to pull apart. Bonding time will depend on the type of solvent as well as the materials of the parts. Test for the correct time for your assembly.

How to Order

Order by Model No. EZO - (Orifice Dia. / Depth)


Orifice Dia: Model EZO -.125

Model EZO .125/.500 is an EZ Bonder with .125 diameter orifice to a depth of one-half inch.

TUBE OR FITTING SIZE RANGE: Up to 11/32î O.D. tubing.

All orifice diameters are customized to customer's requirements.

MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: Cyclohexanone, Methylene Chloride, Ethylene DiChloride, THF, or equivalent. Consult factory for other solvent compatibility.

BOTTLE AND WICK: High-density polyurethane.

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